Smart Solutions for your Home

Make your home a smart home with our incredible brands and powerful smart home solutions. From doors and locks to lights and sound, your home can become truly you're own all while increasing its property value.

Just a few of the brands we carry:

Make It Smart.
Make It Work For You.

Smart Home Automation is the way of the future for a reason. It goes beyond the expected by lowering energy bills, providing additional safety and security, protecting the longevity of your home, and even improving your family's health and safety at home. Our powerful range of smart home automation and installation services and products can ensure your home fits your lifestyle. Here are just a few ways automation can help you:

- Save on HVAC and Energy costs
- Monitor Water Pressure for flood prevention
- Monitor Air and Water quality levels at home
- Make it yours with home lighting and decor options
- Multimedia use cases and custom setups
- Increase safety and security with automated alarms
- and so much more, the possibilities are endless

Get a Custom Plan for Your Home

Ready. Set. Go.

Do you currently have a home that you love but want
to raise it's IQ? We're here to help. A Smart Home Plan
from UrbanLUX can address all of the various ways
that your home could be helping you in your daily life.
Let's talk about your ideal smart home plans. From lights,
to sound, to security, to energy - we have you covered.

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Planning ahead? That's Smart.

Are you currently pre-home or evaluating the options?
Planning ahead is smart and so is a smart home plan
from UrbanLUX. Get in contact with our central office to
discuss a new home build or in-the market option with
our sister companies. Along the way, we can plan out
how our Smart Home  services can help you.

Get a Consultation

Get in touch to learn about your options.

Our appointments are commitment-free and allow you to learn more while gaining a valuable partner that can assist you with your needs. Make your home smarter with a Smart Home Plan from UrbanLUX.

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