October 24, 2022

Custom or Copycat?

We only offer custom-curated designs specifically for you.

With so many people relocating to Bexar County most homes are becoming copycats of each other; we only offer custom-curated designs specifically for you.

There is a growing trend in our city of investors buying land, building quickly, and selling even quicker. With many people changing careers, working from home, or needing a change of pace from their current life; San Antonio has seen a considerable increase in people moving here from other states. While this has been beneficial for the city in many ways, it has ultimately turned many neighborhoods into carbon copies of one another; using the same materials, the same architectural design, and the same layout as every other house on the block. These neighborhoods are being built this way to accommodate the massive influx of people that are looking to settle into a home.

This is where UrbanLUX can offer something completely unique and different from the current market. Most builders have a small number of floorplans, styles, and materials to choose from. Not us; we have partnerships with designers and builders so your home is curated completely new from every other home on your street. We walk you through each design step so you are truly creating a home that is just your style.

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter home; there are so many options to choose from with our building process that there is no need to live in a home that doesn’t suit you and your family. With our custom home builds, you will notice that your home has a higher resale value than other custom homes because of the high-quality materials that we never compromise on. Our homes are all high-performance. With air and water filtration and energy efficiency, your home will be built with highly desired features that will prove a great overall investment for your home and family's being along with your wallet.

Luxury doesn’t have to be out of reach. Give us a call today at (210) 446-0100. We can’t wait to build your dream home!