October 5, 2022

We Have Only One Goal: Build Your Dream Home

10 Steps you should follow when building your dream home.

10 steps for building your custom home! 

1st Step:
Obtain a Pre Approval. Obtaining a pre approval will streamline building a custom home immensely. This way you know how much of a home budget you have to play with! 

2nd Step: That leads to the overall budget: Start to have conversations with your family and your loan provider that will help you choose a budget that is right for you perfect home. Remember, you will be choosing design elements as you go so make sure your budget can accommodate these design preferences.

3rd Step: Location, Location, Location! Decide where you want to live. We recommend not only do you research the city you want to live in, but the area of that city as well. Are your kids in school? How long do you want to commute to work? Questions like these will help you narrow down an area perfect for your family.

4th Step: Style & Design Preferences: Find examples of your preferred home style. Do you like transitional, modern, tuscan? This will help when picking finishes and appliances for your new home. It will also help you to not be overwhelmed with all the possible options. If you choose a style, you're more likely to stay on track.

5th Step: Choose your floor plan: We have 600+ to choose from! https://www.urbanluxco.com/floor-plans

6th Step: Choosing interior design elements. Yay, the fun part! Picking out cabinets, interior floors, materials, finishes, appliance packages, and more!(Remember step 3!)

7th Step: Obtaining permits and all engineering for the home (civil, mechanical, structural). When you work with UrbanLUX you won't have to worry about this at all. We do all the heavy lifting for you!

8th Step: Commencement of Construction begins - our builders are experts in their craft, your home is in great hands.

9th Step: Once your custom home is completed you'll do a final walkthrough through of the home, there you will see your vision has come to life! 

10th Step: Closing Day - Enjoy your new home!

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